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A photo of Michelle Thomasson

Michelle Thomasson - Poetic Mixed Media

Since young I have loved gardens and their design, organic horticulture and I'm passionate about the environment. I use mixed media, including needlework and crochet, with a dash of craftivism and sometimes a creative piece with living plants.


A picture can paint a thousand words, unless of course it is poetry, then very few words often say much more.


Resilience in the natural world flourishes with diversity, what happens to our culture, society and environment when the driving forces of economic development harm biodiversity and make profit at any cost, even war? Art and creativity can provoke thought and elicit conversation about our situation, many of my pieces want to talk.

Although originally from the North East of England and loving the wilds of Northumberland, I prefer to use a bright, colourful palette but perhaps this is due to many years abroad. I’m especially fond of the amazing swathes of colour tucked into Dutch flower baskets, they cheered so many canals, streets and market places and after spending almost a decade with the intense sunlight and vibrant hues of Southern Spain my pieces frequently blaze in colour.


I was involved with ‘Art for Carers’ in Gloucestershire Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey and I exhibited work during Cheltenham Heritage week (2014 and 2015), as well as Little Buckland Gallery as part of the Broadway Arts Festival in 2016 on the theme of ‘Conflict’ where my research for Campaign Against Arms Trade WW1 project was shown. In the last few years I have taken part in the summer and Christmas Brighton and Hove Artist’s Open Houses, last year, June 2021, I was part of the West Hove Art Trail

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