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Skyline has been pierced

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Skyline's been pierced by Michelle Thomasson
Skyline's been pierced by Michelle Thomasson

I painted this dystopian picture some years back to simply illustrate my poem 'The Skyline's Been Pierced'. I used it today in discussion on a wonderful post by Kate Raworth on a book reading list that could help us to understand the challenges our current economic and social system has generated.

I was replying to a comment about wealth and the 'trickle down myth', even though I and the commentator (Henrik) did not accept trickle down we are living in an economic system where the idea is successfully perpetuated while stock market wealth is illusory.

I mentioned that my and his lack of acceptance does not change the fact that we live in a world chasing electronic zeros on gaudy stock market boards, theatrical competition driven by the notion of exploit or be exploited. For those in power and emotionally invested in the system as it is, how do we engender empathy so that there is less of a drive to trash the planet and people? Here's my poem:

The Skyline's Been Pierced

How does the abstract drive us ever onward?

The learned amongst us say the left hemisphere’s to blame

while the right sits in silence, intuition has no game.

But the poetry of honesty has no mention as yet

or how easily we learn to forget

uncomfortable truths

the unfettered market and City rules.

Skyline’s been pierced by virtual wealth

myths dealt and traded, on 24/7 feral stealth.

On a foundation of negatives

voraciously dreamt

in the pursuit of pure profit

over a chasm of debt

just a concept, with derivatives

but it entraps most it’s met.

Less than nothing, has a price,

finance is a control, the cuts hit people

the stock market bell takes its toll,

or is it collateral damage?

Real lives, pawn brokered,

we can no longer afford.

Aid? Medicines, most for profit go abroad.

Services, facilities, even books and their worth

are shelved, for our cut-price

discounted, virtual world.

The skyline’s been pierced,

light could shine through

if we help one another and one another helps too.

What makes us believe that’s so difficult to do?

Has hope been imprisoned by imaginary wealth,

so our souls know no empire

except all those dreams

that persuade us to benefit the few.

Michelle Thomasson - November 2010

I'm reading The Skyline's Been Pierced on SoundCloud:

On Kate Raworth's valuable post about 'Seaside Reads to Change the World' and to her book 'Doughnut Economics, seven ways to think like a 21st-Century economist' please follow this link:


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