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Stitched but not forgotten - Georgie Meadows exhibition

Travelling North I visited the beautiful National Centre for Craft and Design, on the top floor there was a thought provoking exhibition by Georgie Meadows (retired occupational therapist) about old age and the mental and physical disability that often comes with maturing years.

Georgie used minimal thread to tell a touching story, here is Mrs Blake, in bed for many months, she is clean and tidy and well cared for "but she is lonely and frightened. She longs for someone to make her feel more than something to be dealt with. She wants a hug."

Whereas Martin isn't clean or tidy, but his family loves him and makes him feel secure. "He still had his identity."

Mrs Blake is a colourless outline while Martin has a ruddy complexion, simple colouring and a striking narrative that provokes empathy. Further information about the exhibition which is at the Craft Centre until the end of April 2018:


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