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Put on a pedestal

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

'Put on a Pedestal'

There are many occasions when a woman's role in discoveries, innovations and the creative sphere have been ignored or hidden.

Embroidery, usually considered a feminine craft rather than art with status, has been delightfully sewn for my piece. I created it with 18 different stitches to make a phrase left unfinished but with the title 'Put on a Pedestal'; the embroidered linen in the hoop has been placed on a gold painted embroidery stand, like a pedestal.

"Limited to practising art with needle and thread, women have nevertheless sewn a subversive stitch - managed to make meanings of their own in the very medium intended to inculcate self- effacement." Quote from The Subversive Stitch page 215, (2017) by Rozsika Parker.

The beauty, meditative strength and enthralling texture of the embroiderer's stitch breaks boundaries for those who use it.


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